Learn More About Water Resistance

IXHIM watches are 100% tested and passed Water Resistant 100 meters / 10ATM. 


People are often confused by what water resistance of watches really means. It is important to keep in mind that, unless specified by depth, water resistant means splash proof only.

A watch marked as water resistant without a depth indication can withstand slight splashes and rain but should not be immersed in water. Increasingly higher acceptable depths, indicate higher levels of water resistance. However, a watch rated as 30 meters water resistant, does not mean that the watch can be immersed to such depth, as this rating established by the manufacturer is theoretical and can only be achieved in a controlled laboratory environment, such conditions are almost impossible to replicate in real life.

Please be aware that temperature fluctuations and external influences such as cosmetics, dust or shocks caused by impacts on to the crown that could damage internal parts without leaving visible marks, can affect water resistance. Taking proper care of your watch by following the manufacturer’s guidelines, will ensure a larger life span.

When changing the battery of your watch, you should make sure to have it resealed and pressure tested by your jeweler, this way you ensure that it remains water resistant to the specified manufacturer’s depth. Use these guidelines below to choose the right water resistant watch.

IXHIM watches offer at least 100 meters / 10 ATM.

To check the water resistance rating, please refer to engravings on the case back of your watch or the specification page. Watches without the water resistance rating should be protected against water, excessive moisture, steam and condensation to avoid damage.

Even if your watch is water resistant, we do not recommend you to wear it during a shower or bath. This is to avoid contact with high temperature and pressure leading to the deterioration of the gaskets.